Digital Marketing: BIG NEWS

Digital Marketing: BIG NEWS

Those interested in top digital marketing may find it interesting the paid search rose over this this past weekend. Businesses really trying to reach consumers during this peak shopping time.


Anheuser-Busch InBev names AKQA U.S. as its Digital Agency

Changes at the nation’s largest brewer: Budweiser, Bud Light and Stella Artrois

…Their digital marketing was acquired by WPP, who will now oversee online marketing, mobile programs, content creation and application development. The move said to be part of “a series of steps to amplify our digital strategy.”

Will this effect their image?…

My Response:

Sometimes big changes are not

AND sometimes they take us to the

.. We’ll just have to wait and see

Best Digital Practice for Cyber Monday

Companies Reporting Record Sales for Cyber Monday

What businesses keep in mind when targeting consumers for this day:

Right message

Right person

Right time

Right channel- this year dramatic increase in mobile interaction with consumers

Next step for businesses is to try to keep steady sales by building long-term relationships.. HOW? – By using these transactions during peak shopping days to generate return purchasers through the new year.

Best Digital Marketing School Community Envolvement

University of Michigan-Dearborn has a Business Engagement Center that allows students to get involved in the city. This helps students create networks outside of school and allows them to give back to the community we all love. Best digital marketing school is always looking for ways to apply knowledge obtained in class to help out our community, check out their website for ways to use UMD students to help your business.