Visiting Ghent , AL beer related of course ,CHEERS

Student bar?! Digital Marketing Schools need to capitalize on this. Learn about analytics while drinking lager, perfection.
I heard the best ideas come from beer..

Belgian Beer Day Worldwide & a TransContinental Toast

First a visit to the HORECA fair where all(or most) the breweries (except the two BIG ones) are present


meeting up with the guys I used see in my student bar when when they were selling and I was

asking for free beer to do promotions on special nights


They (the guys above served me this lovely beer with a Beautifull name , a dark beer ,full and rich of taste without getting to sugary .


Also made a stop at  Malheur available in 6- ! and 10 ABV , realy nice and hiding its ABV perfectly , Malheur means BAD LUCK , but The Brewers tell you THE LUCK ISIN THE GLASS,CHEERS


And then , …… I saw a waitress walking with this , I call IT : THE TOWER OF KWAK ,



And the next week on my way to a meeting walking by this beautiful famous  castle :the Gravensteen .I…

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2 thoughts on “Visiting Ghent , AL beer related of course ,CHEERS

  1. Only you could relate digital marketing to beer, I love it!

  2. Marketing and beer, two of my favorite things! Should create a digital marketing beer label!

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