Baby ALL I want for Christmas is you

Hope everyone has safe travels as the holidays near. Take a look at how different each regions marketing is as you vacation. Remember if a flights delayed.. Don’t panic just go to the airport bar and expand that career network;).

This Is Why I'm Drunk

“The Wright Brothers would kick us all right in the $#%@ right now if they knew.” – Louis C.K.

Flying sucks.

But, as The Ones Who Invented Flight, it is our inalienable right to alter and forcefully evolve what that experience means and what relationship we have with it, imparting true American virtues of impatience, greed and contempt for anyone outside friends or family we’re traveling with.

As The Ones Who Invented Flight it is our unfortunate reality to have willingly bastardized this marvel of modern transportation into something we need, we love and then decry its virtues in order to make ourselves feel better about unforeseen circumstances that “ruin” our days. This guy gets it.

It is fitting then, that one of the best things about flying didn’t originate with us, The Ones Who Invented Flight. Thank god for the airport bar.

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Visiting Ghent , AL beer related of course ,CHEERS

Student bar?! Digital Marketing Schools need to capitalize on this. Learn about analytics while drinking lager, perfection.
I heard the best ideas come from beer..

Belgian Beer Day Worldwide & a TransContinental Toast

First a visit to the HORECA fair where all(or most) the breweries (except the two BIG ones) are present


meeting up with the guys I used see in my student bar when when they were selling and I was

asking for free beer to do promotions on special nights


They (the guys above served me this lovely beer with a Beautifull name , a dark beer ,full and rich of taste without getting to sugary .


Also made a stop at  Malheur available in 6- ! and 10 ABV , realy nice and hiding its ABV perfectly , Malheur means BAD LUCK , but The Brewers tell you THE LUCK ISIN THE GLASS,CHEERS


And then , …… I saw a waitress walking with this , I call IT : THE TOWER OF KWAK ,



And the next week on my way to a meeting walking by this beautiful famous  castle :the Gravensteen .I…

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It’s the most wonderful time to drink beer

Best time of year to specialize digital marketing for the holiday shopper AND to enjoy specialty beer

As previously stated, fall and winter are my favorite times of year for beer — I love all the seasonal selections, from breweries both big and small. Picked up the Samuel Adams seasonal 12 pack as well as the Pyramid line-up recently. Loved all the Sam Adams beers, especially “Old Fezziwig” & “White Christmas,” but aside from “Snow Cap,” it became as difficult as beer drinking can get to finish off the Pyramid brews. That “Chai” beer was atrocious and tasted like cigarette water.



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